Welcome to John's Hill Medical Practice

John's Hill Medical Practice was established September 2018 in Waterford. The doctors in the practice deliver the highest quality health-care to their patients. The medical practice was founded by Dr. Paul Campbell, Dr. Hebat Seiam, and Dr. Paul O'Hara. John's Hill Medical Practice is conveniently located in the newly built Waterford Primary Care Centre. We are located off John's Hill and there is plenty of FREE parking. Click here to view MAP.

Welcome to Our Clinic

John's Hill Medical Practice is located in the new Waterford Primary Care Centre on the grounds of St. Otteran's on John's Hill. It can be accessed from John's Park or from John's Hill at the new traffic lights and entrance road. The new centre has a very large car park so there should be no problem with parking. Our clinic has everything you would expect from a modern GP surgery.

Opening hours

0830 - 1730. Reception closed from 1300-1400.
Quick facts about our clinic

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Excellent Doctors

Caring and Professional doctors. All registered on the Specialist Register of General Practitioners with the Irish Medical Council. All doctors working full time hours. See the same doctor each visit for better continuity of care for your family.

Same day appointments

We keep slots for urgent appointments each day. Please call in the morning to check availability. If your problem is non urgent consider taking an appointment a few days out to protect availability for patients with acute illness. Remember to cancel your appointment if it is not needed to ensure appointments are not wasted.

Online booking

Online booking will soon be available making it easier to book an urgent appointment. Follow the simple steps.

Contact is on 051870578


Travel Medicine

Book in your appointment for Travel advice and vaccinations.

Call 051870578 to enquire about joining


Dr. Hebat Seiam

Dr. Hebat Seiam

Dr. Paul O'Hara

Dr. Paul O'Hara

Dr. Paul Campbell

Dr. Paul Campbell